Setup development environment


To confirm these system dependencies are configured correctly:

make doctor

Installation of development dependencies

List of NiaPy’s dependencies:

Package Version Platform
click Any All
numpy 1.14.0 All
scipy 1.0.0 All
xlsxwriter 1.0.2 All

List of development dependencies:

Package Version Platform
pylint Any Any
pycodestyle Any Any
pydocstyle Any Any
pytest ~=3.3 Any
pytest-describe Any Any
pytest-expecter Any Any
pytest-random Any Any
pytest-cov Any Any
freezegun Any Any Any Any
docutils Any Any
pygments Any Any
wheel Any Any
pyinstaller Any Any
twine Any Any
sniffer Any Any
macfsevents Any darwin
enum34 Any Any
singledispatch Any Any
backports.functools-lru-cache Any Any
configparser Any Any
sphinx Any Any
sphinx-rtd-theme Any Any
sphinxcontrib-email Any Any
funcsigs Any Any

Install project dependencies into a virtual environment:

make install

To enter created virtual environment with all installed development dependencies run:

pipenv shell