Source code for niapy.util.array

import numpy as np

__all__ = ['full_array', 'objects_to_array']

[docs]def full_array(a, dimension): r"""Fill or create array of length dimension, from value or value form a. Args: a (Union[int, float, numpy.ndarray, Iterable[Any]]): Input values for fill. dimension (int): Length of new array. Returns: numpy.ndarray: Array filled with passed values or value. """ if isinstance(a, (int, float)): out = np.ones(dimension) * a elif isinstance(a, (np.ndarray, list, tuple)): if len(a) == dimension: out = np.asarray(a) elif len(a) > dimension: out = np.asarray(a[:dimension]) else: out = np.tile(a, int(np.ceil(dimension / len(a))))[:dimension] else: raise TypeError('`a` must be a scalar or an Iterable.') return out
[docs]def objects_to_array(objs): r"""Convert `Iterable` array or list to `NumPy` array with dtype object. Args: objs (Iterable[Any]): Array or list to convert. Returns: numpy.ndarray: Array of objects. """ a = np.empty(len(objs), dtype=object) for i, e in enumerate(objs): a[i] = e return a